About TW International

The company was established in 1960. The mission of the company is to deliver products/services on the due dates and at the correct quality with due regard to cost. The company understands what the key to our customers’ success is and the company will strive to achieve or beat all the expectations that customers may have of it.

  • The dedicated staff has extensive experience in handling a very wide range of products.
  • The company has an ethos in honesty and commitment with a high regard to productivity
  • The company is located one hour from Dublin and within ten minutes of the M3 motorway.
  • The company has a large secure warehouse. It is located on a secure site with excellent road frontage. There is also convenient access for all types of vehicles.
  • The warehouse has the facilities to accept a wide range of goods that are received and dispatched in a wide range of packages.
  • The necessary software and the expertise to use it are in place to offer comprehensive Production Inventory Control solutions.
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