Assembly & Manufacturing                                                                 

What is Assembly and Manufacturing?

Do you have labour intensive jobs that could be outsourced?

We have the solution, the facilitates and staff to help you right now.

Outsourcing to TW International means you are reducing your costs by
reducing labour costs and improving efficiency

Why Choose Us?

Save Time and Money

We offer companies fast turnaround with closely observed quality control reducing fixed overhead costs saving floor space to free up resources and staff to develop new products so basically we take the burden and hassle of final assembly because we have the flexibility of skilled staff and space to deal with fluctuation in orders whilst guaranteeing quality, innovation and cost cutting.

Boost Worker Productivity

Our service will eliminate the overburden of your current workforce and eliminate periods of overtime working. To maximise the potential of your skilled workforce it makes complete sense to farm out work. The process is about outsourcing labour to allow your company to focus on your core activities.  You will utilise your staff and your production to the best of your company’s needs

Quality Control

To maximise efficiency all jobs will be under the direct supervision of our Industrial Engineer to maximise the potential of all jobs and minimise the costs.