Pack Assembly

Why choose us?

A gift pack is a special gift that could be easily spoiled if the pack is not correct. With our experience we can guarantee the quality and consistency of the assembly of all gift hampers for Christmas, Baby, Chocolate or Alcohol or any other imagination inspired packs.

The Team
Over the years the company has built up an enthusiastic and motivated team that takes a pride in their work. We are confident you will not be found wanting with regard to our services.

Our huge warehouse means that we can hold stock for any consignment no matter how large it may be. The facility is available to call off the quantities as you need them and thus ensuring that your storage facility is not compromised

We are located within one hour of Dublin and within ten minutes of the motorway network. We have developed a comprehensive network to ensure delivery to all parts of the country.

Cost Effective

We are confident that we can provide a cost effective solution for your needs. With our methods and systems we can assemble the hampers with the minimum costs and with our network of logistics partners we can deliver all hampers to every part of the country. The rates for delivery would only be available to large corporations.