Quality Assurance 

What is Quality Assurance?

Do you have a Quality Control or Quality Assurance issue?

We have the solution here at our facility in Co. Meath.

You can outsource the problem to us and we will deal with it as we have been doing since 1960

We will ensure that substandard goods of all descriptions are reworked into a saleable state.

We can take the headache away from the fear of sub standard goods being delivered to your customers. We understand that reliability and quality are key to our customer’s success and we work closely with them to ensure that these are delivered. We are able to produce an audit to enable benchmarking against industry standards.

We have extensive experience of controlling products against a specification and all ancillary work that this necessitates. We can perform AQL audits

Why Choose Us?

Maximise Your Sales

Strict monitoring of our customers products, from receipt through to delivery, ensures that the final presentation of the goods are to the highest quality standards, thereby maximising potential sales.

Identify and Solve Problems

When we identify quality issues, we advise of the problem, suggest a solution and work together with the customer to provide the best possible answer.

Save Money

A returned item holds value and if this item can be reintroduced into stock, even as a second, it lets the company regain some or all of its value. We can provide a professional reprocessing service to endeavour to return faulty goods to good stock.

Customer Satisfaction and Good Company Image

Under the Quality Assurance umbrella it is imperative that customer satisfaction is maintained and this requires a comprehensive, quick and satisfactory response. We produce a quality audit to enable benchmarking against industry standards.

Experienced and Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated QC team and experienced personnel that you can rely on to make the right judgement calls on borderline items –that’s why we are the ready for sale specialists.

The failure of Quality gives the supplier the returned products that can reflect issues relating to materials, manufacturing process, human skills or the quality of supplied components.

If your company is suffering quality problems, call to speak to one of our technical team.