Reduce Your Manufacturing Costs

Do you manufacturer products for the Irish market with different assembly parts?

TW International offer specialised labour in our facility in Oldcastle, Co. Meath


Saves you money & resources on hiring extra staff during peak times
Concentrate on your core manufacturing while we assemble specific sections

How it works

Once we review the processes and agree terms, your goods arrive at our warehouse. We manage the rest until the goods are ready to be delivered either back to your facility or customer.

Who is it for 

We work with a whole range of clients looking to reduce their labour costs. Normally it will be for non hi tech products which require labour to complete processes at various stages.

Our high standard of quality control which is planned with your team reduces any headaches and allows your operations to run smoothly and profitable. 

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If you are a manufacturer looking to reduce your labour costs, we would love to learn about your manufacturing business either onsite or at our location.