What is Reprocessing?

With the serious decline in the manufacturing base in this country of any products that require a labour intensive input and the subsequent movement of these products to the Far East and other global manufacturing bases it would be a logistic nightmare to attempt to send sub-standard products back to their country of origin. These products will need reprocessing in this country.

All of these products have a value but this value cannot be realised unless they are fit for use by the customer. It is therefore imperative that these products are brought to a stage where they can be returned to good stock or as the case may be to saleable ‘seconds'

Why Choose Us?

We have extensive experience over a wide range of products that require reprocessing and this work is carried out to exacting standards at the minimum cost.

The company prides itself on the quality of service that we give in a most efficient and cost effective manner. This manifests itself in the fast re-allocation of assets (stock) and the rapid return of cash to the business.

Quality Control
All jobs are welcome no matter how big or small or how diverse they may be. A director of the company takes personal control of all jobs to ensure they are carried out to world class standards.