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Assembly and Kitting

Do you need your products manufactured or assembled before shipping to your customer?
We can assist.

Pick and Pack

With the increase in e-commerce and more business moving online, reliable fulfilment is vital.
We offer pick and pack services that ensure your products are in the right place at the right time.


Sometimes products that have been in storage or transit may require reprocessing.
We can handle this.

Quality Assurance

We understand how important quality is to your customers and we can develop quality audits to ensure your products meet the hightest standard.


We offer a full pre-retail service that includes the printing and attachment of tags, stickers or labels. We also do packaging and re-pricing.

Pressing and Steaming

Sometimes garments can become creased in transit. We take your pre-retail goods and prepare them to be delivered to the customer.

Why outsourcing is for you.

Resource management

Outsourcing is a great way to free up your internal resources so you can focus on what you do best.
Ensure your business stays flexibly and reduce costs.

Save money

Building capabilities and infrastructure in house can be a costly approach. Why not save money and make use of our facilities and capabilities?

Leverage our expertise

We have been doing this a long time. We pride ourselves on delivering the most cost-efficient services to our clients.

How we work.



Firstly, once you get in contact, we can begin figuring out what it is you need and how we can achieve it. We are extremely flexible to meet any of your needs.



Once we’ve settled on an approach we will develop the most efficient processes needed to get the work done. Then we can settle terms and prepare to get started.



Having setting up all the processes and organising our resources, we can get started. Throughout the process we are constantly optimising our processes to ensure the fastest turnaround possible.



Whether you have just a one off job or need an ongoing partner, we guarantee high quality and punctual delivery.

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